Site Improvements – Sonoco Alcore

Phased Structural Improvements

Future Proofing Industry

Client: Sonoco Cores & Paper Ltd

Following commissioning of a structural engineering report and recommendations for a phased plan of site improvement works was approved with the client.

This included scaffolding and encapsulation to progress of the following during production shutdowns and site availability (to maintain work capacity):

  • Captive blasting and industrial waterproof coating to an area of up to 1,000m2, including heavy duty polyurea and elastomeric polyurethane anti corrosion system screed.
  • Cutting out and repairing top surface structural floor cracks.
  • Concrete soffit cleaning, preparation, and painting.
  • Structural steelwork investigations, propping, design, fabrication, and installation of associated defective members.
  • Concrete repairs to soffit including exposing rebar using angle grinders, dust extraction and removing spalled concrete. Replace defective rebar, prime, and apply sika monotop 615 repair mortar.

Value: £900k | Duration: 12 – 36 months phased programme

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